Below is some feedback and comments from my customers.

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heather sprakes 2014.12.10 18:14

I reieved my order today, hedwig and i are thrilled with our purchase, cave, house, liner and tunnel. excellent value and very well made. Thanks Emily


Amber 2014.9.11 10:20

We can't thank Emily enough for the stuff shes made for us and our little hedgehog Princess LOVES them! Everything is so well made and so easy to use and clean! Its also amazingly priced. Will definitely be ordering again!

Thank you Emily!

Love Amber, Joe & Princess Minnie! xx


Jayne 2014.9.2 08:34

I've just put in another order for the cosy nests this time. My guinea pigs love their cosy sacks but I wanted to give them another little bed to sleep in their wooden house for when the weather gets colder. I love to see how much they love snuggling and laying their heads down on their cosy fleeces. Such good quality products at such cheap prices. Wonderful! Thank you.


Stephanie Reesor 2014.8.11 04:16

As a Canadian, finding a site for cozies in the UK is usually a pipedream - however we recieved amazing help from Pawsup and she was extremely easy to work with! The quality of her work was amazing, and my two boys LOVE their tunnel and snuggle sack - will definitely be a return customer :)


Jayne 2014.8.10 22:07

I was very pleased with the cosy sacks I bought for my guinea pigs. They are so thick and warm and a great price! The woodland critter pattern is so cute. I would recommend your products to anyone.


Lilly Alford 2014.6.5 00:24

My piggies and I find your products wonderful, which is why we keep ordering them even though we are in Australia. So far have bought 4 tunnels, 2 hidey hammocks and 4 cosy caves for my boys and have ordered another 2 cosy caves. Neither of my boys uses the top of the hammock but they absolutely love the hidey underneath.


Sue 2014.2.5 20:34

Oscar LOVES his caves and matching beds.  They are so beautifully made, and the choice of fabrics is wonderful.


Laura Green 2014.1.25 17:35

I have just bought a cosy nest, cosy cave and cosy tunnel and I can safely say they are the best quality fleece items I have ever bought, not only were they well made, but also thick and always go back into shape, even after the piggie have squashed them! You often have to pay extortionate amounts of money to get high quality, but not here, the prices are amazing for the quality and the sizes are large!

I will definitely be buying from here again in the future! 10/10 for quality, ease of purchase and customer service!


TheSmallPetShop 2013.12.11 22:33

Fab products!! I bought some cuddle cups and tunnels months ago, they have gone through vigorous piggie testing and washing and still look beautiful! I have just placed another order, highly recommended. Such beautiful fabrics, amazing quality and customer service :) Piggie thumbs up from us xx


Melanie 2013.4.9 15:11

My guinea pigs love their new hammock with hidey hole, so well made, washes lovely :)

Many thanks for a lovely item!


Maya 2013.2.16 13:18

Am about to place my second order! The first order, Emily was so kind as to try out a new design, which although they required alterations because I gave the wrong sizes, were absolutely wonderfully made, very secure with long lasting stitch work. Service was incredibly quick and the first time I put all the coseys down my girl scrambled inside all of them and took advantage to take a rest off her poor feet (she had bumblefoot) and was able to lie down with full side support. All fabrics have been through the wash maybe 10 - 15 times and are still soft and the colours havent faded at all, but I make sure to wash on a delicate/low temp to prevent too much bobbling.



Fiona Bailey 2013.2.12 12:23

Best quality cosy items... EVER. So pretty. And soft. And my piggies LOVE them. So cheap for such good quality items, I'm shocked! Custom order came in less than a week! Well done! Loved every part of the service and will definetly be considering you again and reccomending you to friends! X


Lilly 2012.10.24 22:17

The caves, hammocks and tunnels arrived here in OZ yesterday. These are all really well made items and the fabrics are gorgeous. And the piggies love them all. It is so cute to see them rushing about trying each item out and then one of them did a popcorn! As they are both adults it has been a while since I've seen that. So, a big thank you from me and the boy piggles.


Jennie 2012.10.15 20:06

My cage liners, cuddle cups and cozy arrived today - I am thrilled with them and so is my piggie Gerty! Thank-you so much for your lovely quality products and the time and care you obviously took to make them.

One very happy customer! I will be shopping with you again :D Jennie

rebecca 2012.6.5 15:37

just want to say how wonderful and high quality your products are!! my hoggies love them and I wil be ordering more soon! highly recommend! :)


Stephanie Crossland 2012.6.4 06:55

Pawsup's products are amazing ! so cuddly and very well-made , so many cute fabrics to choose from and they are so affordable ! my guinea pig loves them :) I would definatey recommend Pawsup to everyone ! :)


Happy Piggies 2012.4.18 10:34

Love the items that you make, they are perfect for me and my 'spoilt' Happy Piggies so just made an order.

And i think the website looks lovely xx

Raquel Perryman 2012.4.2 16:44

WHEEK!! i love it!!! the website looks great :) all your products are amazing and i cant wait to get more for my spoiled piggies


Anita 2012.4.2 16:41

The quality of your work is fantastic. I wont be buying beds for my cats anywhere else from now. And for the added extra something your a lovely person :)


roxanne van der vliet 2012.3.30 21:40

your products are amazing all my piggys love them even the newborns very affordable and the products are very strong and longlasting p.s your websites great hun no need to worry xx