Cosy sacks are fleece pockets for guinea pigs and other small animals to go inside. They can be used in the handling of nervous or young animals to make them easier to pick up and hold, they are ideal for small children to learn how to safely handle animals. They make great hiding places and safe, warm and snuggly places to sleep.

Mini - 10cm x 12cm, Small - 15cm x 20cm, Medium - 15cm x 30cm, Large - 30cm x 30cm, XL - 40cm x 40cm                        

Monster sacks (with wadding inside and features) - Small ,  Medium, Large

Cosy tunnels are fleece tunnels for small pets/animals to go inside. They can be used in cages or runs to encourage play. They make great hiding places and safe, warm and snuggly places to sleep.

Small - 13cm x 25cm, Medium - 15cm x 37cm, Large - 20cm x 40cm, XL - 28cm x 48cm

Cosy Nests are fleece beds to keep small pets/animals safe and warm. They are soft and snuggly places for them to sleep.  They contain wadding for extra warmth.

Small- 19cm diameter x 8cm high, Medium - 25cm diameter x 10cm high, Large - 33cm diameter x 15cm high, XL - 45cm diameter x 20cm high

Cosy caves are fleece beds for pets/small animals to go inside. They make great hiding places and safe, warm and snuggly places to sleep. They contain wadding for extra warmth and to help keep their shape.

Small - 18cm x 18cm x 10cm, Medium - 28cm x 28cm 18cm, Large - 35cm x 35cm x 18cm, XL - 40cm x 40cm x 30cm.

Hidey Hammocks are great for small animals including Hamsters, Mice, Rats, Degus, Chilchillas, Ferrets, and Guinea pigs. They have a standard hammock top with a cosy hideout underneath. Hooks included.

Mini - 17cm x 24cm, Small - 24cm x 32cm, Medium - 32cm x 37cm, Large - 37cm x 47cm

Cosy Cuddle mats are lap mats made from fleece containing wadding and a waterproof membrane to protect your lap from little accidents while you cuddle your pet. They are also ideal for protecting your clothes or furniture from hair and mess.

One size -60cm x 42cm

Cosy Sacks

Cosy Cage Liners are custom made liners made to the measurements of your cage/hutch. They are made from double layered fleece with an inner core of polyester wadding. This design allows moisture to soak through leaving the surface, and your pets, dry. You may need to place something absorbent underneath the liner to soak up excess moisture.

Cosy Tunnels

Cosy Nests

Cosy Caves

Here is a full list of all of the products and sizes of products I can make.

Cosy Cage Liners

Cosy Cuddle Mats

Hidey Hammocks

Cosy Couches

Cosy Couches are little sofas especially designed for you pets to chill on with 3 coordinated cushions included.

Small - 20cm x 10cm , Medium - 25cm x 15cm

Bonding bags

Bonding bags are epecially useful for hedgehogs. Keeping your pet close increases your bond and keeps the animal warm.

One size

Hay Bags

Keep feeding hay dry and clean

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